Right Now

Right now,

5 feet away from me,

Memories are being made.

Precious memories for Noah, Collin and Aaron.

Even me.

Many things are being constructed, taken apart, modified and rebuilt.

It is quiet except for the pitter patter of my fingers upon the keys of my laptop and Collin’s singing.

Every once in a while silence is broken with questions or announcements of what has been made.

My guys are playing with K-nex.

It is so nice to watch them play together.

I love the family activities, but I really treasure quiet times like this.

Moments when the guys are being guys and I am out of the loop because I can build things about as well as I draw.

Thankfully, Aaron is an artist and very good at building things.

Ten years from now, our living room will be filled with a 15 year old and 14 year old and 2 41 year olds.

Conversation, if any, will be short and to the point.

I hope Collin will still be singing and Noah will still be as inventive and imaginative as he is today.

I pray that the Lord will maintain our ability to converse and enjoy each others company.

That the boys will still be able to spend time together.

That we will still laugh together over silly things.

That we will still play games.

That the boys will still like me to hug them, even if it is only when no one is looking! 🙂

Overall, I pray they grow to love the Lord and desire to live for him.

For only through God is true joy and happiness found.

Only through understand the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross will my sons begin to grasp the great love of our Father.

That is my hearts desire.


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  1. 1

    I am loving reading you more and more with each post. Totally beautiful!!

    But, when you said:

    “I pray that the Lord will maintain our ability to converse..”

    Who are we kidding, girl. Ya think he’s gonna step blessing you with *that* gift when you’re older?? I doubt it 🙂

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