Ahhhh! A Good Day

Today was fantastic.

It was calm.

It was fun.

It was wonderful.

The kids were great.

Tonight Noah has been saying how good he has been today.

Ya know what?

He is right.


Oh the joy that I feel as we wrap up another week knowing that at least today went well.

Things seemed to run smoothly all day.

It was fun.

We met and played with new friends.

They will be using the same homeschooling program as we are, so it was really nice to meet them.

It gave me peace of mind to know we are surrounded by people doing the same thing we are doing.

It made me excited for Noah’s first year of school.

Today was refreshing.

And tomorrow…

Well, it is a new day filled with new challenges, but ending with a Blogger event!

I cannot wait!

I need a night out with mah girls.

I need to drink wine, chat about nothing and everything.

To be with people who are experiencing a lot of what I am experiencing and not be judged.

To be a woman and not within earshot of my kids.

Not within reach of my shirt being used for  a tissue.

Not  close enough to have an unnoticed  piece of gum slipped into my hand while having a conversation,

Only to find it later stuck to the side of my pants.

I need to finish a sentence without interruption.

Oh, I can almost taste the freedom that tomorrow night will bring me!

Time for two dirt covered little boys to get a bath.

Tonight I am hands on Mommy.

And you know what,

The gifts that brings are innumerable.

I am so thankful for having little boys to




Read to.






I love my little guys,

Sometimes I just need a break.


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