How did today turn out this way?

Tonight is heavy.

I feel like the happenings of today started as a tiny snowflake and are now rushing down a mountain side as a GIANT avalanche.

I am spent.

I am emotional.

I am worried.

The kids are being unruly.

(One more than the other.)

Our pup may have a broken leg.

My temper has escalated.

I have failed to control it.

I have yelled more than spoken today.

I have disciplined.

I have repeated myself.

I have lost it.

Now I am trying not to cry.

I just want to hold on until the kids go to bed.

Hubs is working late, so that is on me tonight.

Dinner was made early, but didn’t really work.

The spaghetti sauce was delicious, but the noodles were an lump of overcooked starch.

The cobbler ran over the baking dish and burned onto the oven floor.

My friend Erin called to check on me after I turned down an impromtu dinner invite and  sent out an SOS through the twitterverse.

She offered to come get the boys

Then reminded me to seek God’s face.

I am still emotional.

I still want to cry.

I am still upset.

The difference is, my spirit is calm.

Thank you friend.


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