Chappy’s gives me the Happy’s!

Today was awesome!

Hubs, my parents, the kids and I hopped into our van and went to Kings Island!

I will save the awesomeness of our day for another post.

Tonight I will just share about my dinner!

That’s right, it was so good it deserves it’s own post.

Have you ever gone on vacation, eaten at a restaurant and loved it so much you wished it were closer to where you lived?

That is what I found tonight!

For months Aaron has been talking about how much he wants to fo to Chappy’s Tap Room.

So, on our way home from the park we decided to go out to eat.

It was  a long, discussion, but we finally came to decision and chose to go to Chappy’s.

My mom and I took the boys to the restroom while Aaron and my dad were seated.

Mom headed out to the table with the boys.

As I was leaving the restroom, a man (I think a manager), approached me and asked if I was looking for my party.

He took me to them without my having to ask.

It was a nice gesture and I  really appreciated it!

Anyway, the food and service was TOP NOTCH!

Aaron got a flight of beer and was really satisfied.

He is a total beer snob, so that means a lot!

Our food was AMAZING!

I know of no other restaurant in our area that is quite as good as this one.


If you go you need to try the mashed potato casserole.

It was insanely good.

That is all.

I just wanted to share my new “favorite place to eat” with you.

If you are local, you HAVE to try it!


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