Big Date Weekend

Last Friday morning,

Aaron, Noah and my Dad headed to Virginia to help my sister move.

This was a big deal because Aaron asked Noah to go along to help because he was a big boy now.

Noah thought he was pretty big stuff, so did I.

While there, Noah was a big help.

He lifted, carried, dropped off, came back and reloaded to do it all over again.

We are talking heavy stuff.

He even carried a chair  and climbed a ladder to clean the top of a fridge.

My Baby is not a baby anymore.

While he was gone Collin and I had a “Date Weekend”.

Translated, “mommy will drop $55 to keep in just over 3 days because she can’t run, jump, bend, lift or twist.”

I wanted to make this weekend special for my little guy.

Really special.

This has been a hard season of life for all 4 of us and we could all use a little get away.

Even though Noah and Aaron worked really hard on their trip,

they got to see the ocean and get out of dodge for a couple of days.

Collin and I were here and I wanted to have fun with him.

So, the money was well spent.

We ate out wherever he wanted to eat.

He played in the mall play area.

We went to see “How to Train Your Dragon”,

complete with pop and popcorn!

We went shopping for birthday presents.

He got to sleep in my bed.

We had a play date.

We spent a much needed weekend with each other.

He is four.

It has gone by so fast and I love that we had that time together.

The thing is, he M.I.S.S.E.D. his big brother.

He talked to his brother on the phone about a dozen times.

He got to Skype with Noah once too.

He asked to call him at least a dozen times that it didn’t work out to talk.

While at the mall play area, I noticed just how much he depended on Noah to get the party started.

It was as if he had never been to a play area EVER in his entire life.

He would awkwardly  go up to other kids, then quickly run away w/o saying  a word.

It was like he didn’t even know how to go down a slide.

It was very eye opening.

I have decided to make it a point to spend more time alone with him.

I think it will be helpful for Aaron and I to start taking the boys on individual dates so they each get some alone time.

As much as Collin missed his Daddy and big brother, I missed them even more!

I am so happy to have them home. 🙂


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