A Bath = Relaxation

I will preface this post with a little fact…

I am a  bath person.

I love to light candles, grab a glass of wine and soak in a mound of foamy bubbly hot water.

In reality this kind of experience is not common, but when it happens


Needless to say, when the doctor told me yesterday that I was able to take baths again I was thrilled.

SO today, I wanted to ‘test the waters’.

I made sure the kids were glued to the tv taken care of and headed in for my soak.

I added enough bubbles for 3 bathtubs our size, turned the water on HOT.

Once the tub was full I carefully got in.

I was a bit nervous about laying on the hard porcelain bath tub, but I really wanted to try.

I sat down and felt a strange sensation, kind of a rip in the lowest part of my incision.

Turns out a tiny scab had come loose.

I decided I should end the bath in case there was  a risk of infection.

(I am a bit of a pessimist and suspect things will naturally go bad.)

So I unplug the drain and then realized that I was






The water quickly left me bubble clad and terrified.

Holy Crap!

I tried to get up.

No dice.

I tried to get up from the right side, then the left.


All I could think about was how far away my clothes were and how screwed I was and why didn’t I try a ‘dry run’?

So how did I get out of the bath tub?

Thank you so much for asking!


The thought of having to call and ask for help.

The thought of someone seeing you in that kind of natural condition can really light a fire.

Now that you know the story, try to get up out of the tub w/o bending-lifting or twisting.

Let me know how you did!


4 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Erin said,

    I just might have to try. For intercessory purposes!

    Are you still in the tub?! Brought the laptop with you?! Blogging from the tub?!


  2. 2

    Kimberly said,

    Oh… My.

    I’d probably go with Levitation or Psychokinesis.

  3. 3

    aaron h said,

    ohhhhhh…that’s a bad way to kick the whatever. but i’ll def be there for ur funeral. when, where is it?

    oh, and def send me pics

  4. 4

    Jenny said,

    I have actually been in that predicament. It is not easy to get out but it is possible! Glad to hear you made it out alive!

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