Road to Recovery- 4 weeks.

4 weeks ago, I was waking up from surgery.

I was wondering if I would be able to walk.

I was wondering if I would be able to tolerate the pain.

I was wondering if it worked.

I was calm.

The morning of the surgery, we had to be at the hospital early.

I woke up, took a nice hot shower and hopped in the car with Aaron

The ride there only took about 15 minutes and it was a calm morning.

.We prayed together.

We prayed for steady hands for my surgeon.

We prayed for alertness for the entire surgical team and staff.

We prayed for patience.

We prayed for faith if things didn’t go as we were hoping they would.

I was so ready, mentally and physically, for the surgery.

God’s timing has a way of comforting you.

While being prepped for surgery I waited in an small room w/ 3 walls and a curtain.

I was so excited.

Not nervous at all.

Just at peace and happy.

On our ride to the hospital I told Aaron that if I woke up, unable to walk, it was okay with me.

See, I firmly believe that God has a plan for our lives.

He has our entire life mapped out.

Nothing surprises him.

I am so thankful his plan was for the surgery to go well and that I can walk.

In fact, I am free of Wilma now!

I didn’t even get to take the new tennis balls I bought for a spin yet.

That is fine by me!

Overall, I feel amazing.

This weekend Aaron and I  went shopping with the kids on Sat and alone on Sun.

Being in crowds does wonders for my mind, but makes me shake w/ nervousness.

What if my left leg goes out on me again?

What if someone bumps into my back.

What if… what if…. what if….

It is times like these that make me remember how much of a blessing my marriage is.

Aaron was there for me while we out with the masses this weekend.

He was there, holding my hand and calming my heart.

What a rich blessing it is to walk through life with him.

I am so thankful.

On Monday, I will go to the doctor again.

He will take x-ray’s.

If all is healing the way it should be, I will be able to drive and start to resume normal activities!

I cannot wait.

I will let you know what happens!!

Thank you to all who have supported me through this time.

Your notes, cards, meals, childcare, and gift cards have helped so much.

Thank you.




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