My babe magnet

So, yesterday my dad took the boys and I to the mall.

I was on a mission.

My mom’s birthday is right around the corner and I found a great sale on the item I wanted to purchase for her.

(Yippee for online shopping. Boo for shipping charges.)

Anyhow, the boys and dad stopped for a smoothie sample and I trekked on w/ Wilma, the walker.

Yes, tennis balls and all.

Now, let me tell you, I have taken ol’ Wilma for a spin at the mall before and have gotten some interesting responses.

I expect people to look.

I mean, it is only natural to check out a 30 yr old using a walker.

Those stares don’t bother me.

I have experienced a commonality with the older population walking with canes and walkers or even wheelchairs.

A warm smile or how do ya do.

Always kind and friendly.

I have even been looked at, up and down and stared deep in the eyes as if the person was thinking,

“How DARE you. Ya big fake.”

Nothing comes close to the encounter I had yesterday.

So, I was walking alone when this skyscraper of a man came toward me.

He asked, “How are you doing today?’

I said, “Fine, thanks.”

I smiled and kept going.

He came up to me and asked,”Can I be your Boyfriend.”

Ummm, he is like 40 years old.

He might as well have held up a sign asking me to check yes or no.

I said, “What?”

He asked again.

I told him, “No, I am married.”

He said, “Too bad for me, your husband is a lucky, LUCKY man.”

There is only one explanation, Wilma is a babe magnet.

She makes this recovery look sexy.



6 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Katie said,

    LOL!!! This is too funny! Go Wilma!!

  2. 2

    Well I think you’re HAWT with or without Wilma!

  3. 3

    amyinohio said,

    All that chrome and felt (tennis balls). You’re gonna have to beat em off with a stick! Better get that cane/walker combo pack.

  4. 4

    Jenny said,

    So can I borrow Wilma when you are done with her? Let’s face it, I need all the help I can get at this point!

  5. 5

    Erika said,

    hahaha!! I love it!!

  6. 6

    I am crying laughing. You are just THAT sexy! It’s all you babe! Wilma’s just the accessory!

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