The Melting Pot!!!!

Last week I was invited to a blogger event at The Melting Pot! First I will let the pics speak for themselves…

If you haven’t been to The Melting Pot, let me tell you, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!

The food is out of this world and the service was top notch.

The night was full of decadent, delicately crafted fine food and drink.

Let me set the scene.

I really wanted to go to this event!


My friend Jenny of graciously agreed to pick me up!

If it weren’t for her, I don’t know that I could have gone.

(Back pain + driving = OUCH!)

We arrived at The Melting Pot and spotted some friends over at the bar.

Before long the entire bar area had been taken over by a swarm of bloggers.

It was so wonderful to meet new friends and nurture the friendships I already have.

I ordered the “Meltini”!

My new favorite drink, hands down!

Soon, we were ushered to the party room and seated to a table of cheesy fonduliciousness!

It was amazing!!

3 types of cheese fondue.

Breads, veggies, apples.

Dark Chocolate.

Milk Chocolate.

Banana’s Foster.

Banana’s, strawberries, pound cake, cheesecake, marshmallows and brownies.


The servers were ever present, but not in the way.

Our conversations were never interrupted, but every need was met.

The owner, Matt, was a gracious host.

He was humble and kind.

He shared one of the philosophies of The Melting Pot is to allow their patrons a quiet meal.

They encourage you to stay as long as they want to.

They want you to enjoy your meal, not feel like you are staying long.

He took us on  a tour of the restaurant.

Let me just tell you, the kitchen was spotless!

I wish my kitchen was that clean when I was cooking.

The evening was wonderful!

The company was amazing!

And as soon as I got home I pulled up their website to show Aaron.

We are already planning a date night!

I honestly cannot wait to go back! 🙂

*A HUGE shout out to Katie thanks for putting this together.

** Thank you The Melting Pot for a wonderful evening!


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