A day in mah life

Where shall I begin?

I am sitting in the couch in a quiet house with a pug seated at each side of me. It is quiet. It is calm. The windows are open. Kids are outside screaming like wild animals having fun. Aaron and the boys are at Bible study and I am taking the night “off” to lay low and rest. Yesterday was really difficult. It ended with Aaron coming home from work early and my parents rushing over and snatching the kids up for the night. New meds were called in and I was able to rest. I hurt. A lot!

Due to the intensity HELL of last night I decided to get a massage today. I tried a new place at a local outdoor mall, The Greene, called Massage Envy.  You can find them at massageenvy.com they have locations all over the country and as far as I can tell they all  only charge $39 (+tax ) for your first massage. It was fantastic! My therapist was top notch and really knew what he was doing. AMAZING!  As a licensed massage therapist, my massage experience can quickly turn into shop talk. It kinda stinks when that happens. This time  that was not the case. I was relaxed and taken care of. Now, according to their website they hire licensed therapist and certified therapists. I always recommend making sure your therapist is LICENSED. It is just one more way to ensure you will get a great massage. If you have chronic pain you know that massage is often painful when you are getting a session to get things worked out. Well, at times, this was a painful experience. The pain had great gain. I can really tell a difference already.  My shoulders and neck feel amazing!

After the massage I had 2 pre-op appointments. I had a blood draw, 2 physical evaluations, and a chest X-Ray.  It all went well, but all of the driving and moving around really wore me out.  So here I sit. I intend of laying on the couch all evening, watching tv and resting. I am tired. I am weary. Tomorrow is a new day!

So, how way your day??


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