$5 Dinner Menu Plan Day #6

What’s for dinner tonight?
Asian Chicken Wraps
page 90

Chicken Breast $3.00
Teriyaki Sauce $.15
Soy Sauce $.05 (Erin’s Math)
Carrots $.30 (Erin’s Math)
Romaine $.10 (Erin’s Math)
Peanuts $.06
Tortilla’s $.84
Applesauce $.68
Total: $5.48

This was another easy recipe. You can marinade the chicken in the same skillet you cook it in.
In the book Erin recommends serving the wraps with snow pea’s, but I wanted applesauce. It was a nice compliment to the teriyaki flavor.
Here are our left overs, lunch tomorrow.

While the chicken was flavorful, tender and moist, this meal felt more like an appetizer than an entire meal. We pulled out a couple of left over sweet and sour sauce packs from a previous McDonald’s visit and dipped our wraps in them. It was really good with the sauce.

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