$5 Dinner Menu Plan Day #5

What’s for dinner tonight?
Garlic Pork Chops
page 173
Pork $3.25 (OUCH! I used slightly more than the recipe called for.)
olive oil $.20 (again, I used Erin’s math)
garlic cloves $.10
Potatoes $.39 (I used Russet.)
milk $.15 (Erin’s math)
Margarine $.22
Green Beans $.89
Total : $5.20

I had no pork stockpiled in my freezer so I shopped for a manager’s special and was blessed to find one! 🙂
In this recipe, Erin has you marinade the meat in olive oil and garlic in the fridge and then cook it in the same pan. I am all for simplifying. 🙂
The finished product. Delicious! I had the mashed potatoes in my freezer from a couple weeks ago when I made a double batch. I usually do that when I get potatoes on sale for a good price. All I did was pull them out of the freezer last night and let them thaw in the fridge. I then reheated them on the stove.

Well, I need to go, I am headed to Erin’s book signing! I can’t wait to see so many of my friends, bloggy and otherwise that I know are going to be there. SO, if you aren’t doing anything and you are in or near Dayton, head over to Books & Co at The Greene from 7-8 . Hope to see you there!


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