$5 Dinner Menu Plan Day #3

What’s for dinner tonight??
Autumn Chicken!
Page 91

Apple Juice $.30
Chicken Thighs ( I bought boneless/skinless, instead of bone-in) $3.42
Onion $.30
Apples (I bought granny smith instead of Macintosh) $.50
Lemon Juice $.15
Cinnamon $.05
Rice $.20
Broccoli (I am using frozen mixed veggies) $1
Total: $5.92 ( I could have saved a lot if I would have bought the recommended Bone-in thighs.) Not $5, but a great value nonetheless!

Everything just gets thrown into the crockpot! You do have to toss the apple slices in some cinnamon and lemon juice, but that is no biggie. So easy and it sure was nice to have the fragrance of this meal filling the house while we were snowed in today!

8 hours later, all done! The chicken was moist and full of flavor. It fell apart.

This was my plate! I think the thing I like best about Erin’s book so far is that you never are over full! You know what I mean? The meals are well balanced and portioned just right for a family like mine. Of course, last night we could have over eaten, but the flavors are so alive in her recipes that I walk away feeling satisfied, not stuffed to the gills! Another winner!


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