My $5 dinner cookbook menu plan

Okay so you have heard me brag on my friend, Erin, and her brand new cookbook!! Well, here I am striking a pose with the book! And yes, I did try to mimic her pose on the cover. 😉 In honor of her book release, I will be cooking recipes found within the book for the next 2 weeks or so. I will not make a new recipe every night, but I will post the meals I do make.

Tonight I made Italian Turkey Burgers. YUMMY!
My meal cost a whopping $5.03. I did make a list of how much all of the ingredients cost me, but somehow I lost it between this afternoon and evening.

As suggested in the book, I served it with carrot sticks and oven fries. This is a pic of my plate, yes I did start eating before I remembered to take a pic. It is delish! Noah, my 4.5 year old, ate 1 1/2. The burger may be remade in my kitchen as meatballs in the future. It is full of flavor and really moist.

If you want to attempt this meal, it is on pages 111-112 in the $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook.
Happy cooking!

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