Halloween 2009 part 3

Here is the last post on Halloween 2009.This is the only pic I have of the 4 of us from the night. Collin is a cute, I mean, “scary” spider. Noah I a pirate. They looked adorable! At this point they were eyeballing our street to see who was outside with candy. Collin was not allowed to be outside to long, so we decided to only go a couple of blocks.
This is our neighbor’s house. He told the boys to take as much as they wanted and that the best candy was at the bottom of the bowl. Noah and Collin took his offer and each snagged several handfuls.
The itsy bitsy spider.
Noah and Daddy ready to hand out the last of the candy.
The Mickey Mouse pumpkin Collin and I carved.

The cakes. You get to decide which one I made and which one Collin made.
My homemade carmel corn!! This is my mom’s recipe, but now it is MINE! A new tradition for sure. YUMMY!
Brain! Okay really it is a Pampered Chef recipe from the 90’s for steamed cauliflower.
After we trick-or-treated, we enjoyed dinner and games with my parents, Uncle Josh, and Aunt Megan. It was a wonderful evening.

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