Collin Update Thursday

Wednesday night brought us the beautiful gift of sleep! Praise the Lord! Aaron, Collin and I all slept through the night with only a few awakenings. I didn’t realize how much I needed it. Today was very calm at the hospital. Not so at my parents house! The morning started early when Noah, our oldest, woke them up with a high fever (102+) and terrible shivering. That is exactly how Collin started his illness last week. Aaron took Noah to the doc and he had crackling in his lungs. He is on a breathing medication to open his airway and an antibiotic. His should clear up quickly because we caught it early and he was properly examined and diagnosed. The doctor didn’t mess around because he knows what is going on with Collin.
Alright, on to Collin. Today went fast! He napped twice. I napped once. He ate. I ate. That is not the best part though! The best part is that he has been off of oxygen since mid afternoon! He is holding his own! He is doing well! He still has a lot of stuff in his lungs, but he is getting much better! The discontinued one of his antibiotics because they still have not grown anything on his culture and Noah has the exact same thing now(= it was probably spread by Collin). Therefore, it is looking more viral at this point and the med they discontinued fought bacterial pneumonia. He is responding well to walking and loves playing! It is so great! I don’t know when we will be released, but I hope it is SOON! I will let you know!
Thanks again for your prayers!!


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