I just want to scream! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!! It helps, but it isn’t the same to write a scream. I am weary this morning. I am sad. I am tired. I feel torn. This is the first time I have had to be away from Noah when he is sick. My heart is breaking. I know he is in great hands! (Thank you Mom and Dad!) I know he is not feeling that bad, but I also know he is missing his mommy and brother a lot right now! Collin misses Noah too. A LOT! Yesterday, Collin started crying, “I miss my Noah! I want my Noah. I miss my brother.” It hurts them to be apart especially because they don’t understand why or what is going on. Last night is was so precious to listen to them talk over the phone. When the boys were done talking, I took the phone and told Noah how much I love him and I that I wanted to take him out for ice cream when Collin is all better and we come home. Collin said he wanted to go too! I told him that I think it should just be Noah and Mommy and he could do something with just Daddy. Noah told me, ” Oh, it’s okay Mom! My brother can come too and my Dad!” So, when this hellish reality of hospitals and separation is over, you’ll find us on a famiy date! I cannot wait!!!
So if you’re reading this and you have all your kids at home give them a big hug in honor of my lonely heart!


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