Collin Update Tuesday

Today had high points and low points. I am in awe of the peace that has come over my mind. Collin spent most of the day in his bed resting. The highest point of my day was watching Collin play with playdough, smile, talk and even laugh. The highest high point was hearing him say,”I love you Mom” when I thought he was sleeping. I went over to his bed and kissed his sweet head. He smiled. My heart warmed.
As far as his condition, he remains mostly unchanged. His right lung has no change at all, but his left lung sounded “slightly improved”. I will count this as a high and low point, but I will also count this as a blessing. He showws some improvement! He didn’t get worse! Those are good things. I find I am strangely calm and optimistic and that is because God is taking care of my baby and I believe he is. He loves Collin more than me. He cares for Aaron and I. He has a plan for Collin. He has a plan for this whole horrible situation.
Collin is still scared of the doc’s and nurses for the most part. I am thankful he has been deemed “not contagious” so no one has to wear a mask anymore which is a lot less scary. That is a high point.
I will only dwell briefly on the low points and simply state them as fact w/o commentary.
~He isn’t able to maintain enough oxygen on his own.
~They have tried 2 times to lower the amount of O2, but it did not work, so he was put back on a higher dose.
~We aren’t going home anytime soon. Maybe Friday. Maybe.
~Collin is still very sick.
~Collin may still end up in the PICU.
~He is still having nightmares.
Okay there are more, but I just can’t dwell on it any more tonight.
We have a wonderful support system and friends have even brought food to our hospital room so we don’t go broke eating cafeteria food. (Almost $30 in 1 1/2 days! That is like 25% of our grocery bill for 2 weeks of food.)
Another HIGH point was getting to see and spend time with Noah! Praise God the hospital has a beautiful courtyard and we got to play. It was wonderful.
I need to go, hope to write more tomorrow. Thank you for your continued prayers!


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