Painting the sidewalk

Yesterday we needed a little bit of outside fun and I had promised the boys that they could paint. My friend Lisa, about a week ago, suggested painting on the sidewalk and washing it off. So….that is what we did. I decided to leave it instead of washing it off because I think the boys would have been heartbroken if Daddy didn’t get to see what they did. They thought it was so silly to paint the sidewalk. Collin is yelling “PAINTING” for the camera. ( It sounded more appropriate a command than “cheese”.) He just looks angry.LOL!
I think it is interesting how they claimed their paint plate immediately. I was encouraging them to mix colors and use all three colors too, but they were pretty loyal to the initial color they had chosen.
Noah did go for some purple, blue and yellow. Collin eventually added yellow to his red. They were so proud of their work and couldn’t wait to show Daddy. FYI Tempra paint came off the Crocs with hot soapy water and a tiny bit of elbow grease!:)


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