First day of Homeschooling!

My eager students!! Collin wanted to wear his cowboy shirt and the hat that Aunt Megan gave him for his birthday. Noah wanted to wear his orange shirt, it is one of his favorite colors!

Aaron read this book about going to preschool before the boys went to bed last night and Collin wanted to hold it in his picture.

Noah looks so old to me in this picture. He is getting so big!

I think I look more excited to start school than he does! 🙂

We started the day with the story of Daniel in the lion’s den. After I read the story to them, we talked about it and then I asked the boys to share any prayer requests. Noah wanted to pray for his balls, toys, the firefighter’s and police men in a book he could see on the shelf. Collin wanted us to pray that Grandpa would not get sick again. (My dad had a stomach bug last week.)
Next we worked on the letter A. The boys are working on making their “A is for Alligator” puppet.

Our next activity was to practice cutting. Noah worked on cutting long lines, zigzag’s and wavy lines. Collin just practiced holding the scissor’s and making them work. I decided it would be fun to paste the snips to the onto a flower.

The boys did a beautiful job and now the flowers are hanging in my kitchen windows.

“Seriously, Mom!! Stop taking pictures!”

Noah working on number 1.
We had an amazing first day!! I am so proud of my boys!!


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