Kings Island

Last Monday we packed the kids in the van for a big surprise!!! Kings Island! If you have spent time with Noah this summer you have probably heard him talking about K I. He even talks about pretending to go there to “fix” roller coaster’s with daddy. Well, we surprised them with the fun filled day and my, oh my, was it fun. The boys LOVED, LOVED, LOVED every minute of their time there. My dad joined us for the day and it sure was nice to have an extra set of grown-up hands around. Aaron rode Diamond Back and said it was most likely the smoothest coaster he had ever been on. We spent most of the time in Kiddie land, of course, but we went to Boomerang Bay (the waterpark) for a while and took the elevator to the top of the tower. I forgot how beautiful it was up there. One of the best times of the day for me was riding the Scrambler with the boys. They cracked up the whole time. Noah is quite the dare devil and rode all of the coasters in kiddie land. He even road the “Beastie” (now has a new name, but will always be the Beastie to me!) 3 times. There were no lines to speak of that day, so it worked out well. Collin loved the little cars the most. He got to ride them 2 times while Noah road the Beastie. He didn’t seem to mind that he wasn’t tall enough to ride everything Noah could. I think he will be able to ride everything next year. It was a wonderful day!!

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