Noah, says the funniest things

Here are a few funny Noah stories for your reading pleasure…

While I was putting the boys down for a nap:

Mommy (M) ~ Noah, close your eyes and GO to sleep.
Noah (N) ~ I can’t.
M~ Yes you can and YOU WILL.
N~ God didn’t make me to be able to close my eyes.
M~ Yes he did. GO TO SLEEP!
N~ No, watch (*closes his eyes tightly and pops them open*)
M~ Nice try…
He fell asleep soon after.

Grandpa (G-pa) and Grandma (Weller) took the boys to Youngs last night and in the car, Grandpa coughed:
N~ God bless you.
G-pa~Thank you, how is your cold?
N~ Fine, I never cough anymore.
Gpa~ Never?
N~ *cough*
Gpa~ I thought you never coughed anymore.
N~ It’s okay, it’s the weekend and everyone coughs on the weekend.

More to come!


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