Tomorrow Collin will be 3!! *sigh* How did that happen?

As I sit down to type this post I can hear his sweet voice narrating the scene he is developing using a various smattering of random toys. He picks up his Sesame Street CD player and pushes the button to get to his favorite tune, whatever it is at that moment! 🙂 He has given up and not decides to change the disc. Frustration is mounting! Will he ask for help? No, not this independent little man. Down goes the cd player on comes the phone. Since it was given to him on Saturday at his birthday party, Collin has been carrying around a singing card featuring “Biteyear” aka Buzz Lightyear and Woody on the front with the song “You’ve got a friend in me”. I have always liked that song and for some reason I still do even after hearing it every day now for nearly a week. Collin is the curious kind of kid and he will win your heart with just on look from the corner of his eye while smiling his crooked little grin with dimples present under his nose. He is so cute! (if I don’t say so myself.)
Collin was a big surprise to us! He showed up on a pregnancy test when Noah was just shy of 7 months old. It was Oct 5, 2005. We were 2 days shy of our 5th anniversary. It occurred to me one night after dinner out with a few girlfriends and razzing my BFF Steph about how she might be preggers. (Steph has a son 5 days older than Noah.) Well, on the way home from dinner I realized I was the one who was late… so the “test” was purchased. I kept going back and forth about it, but I knew I was pregnant. So, on the 5th, we put Noah down for the night and turned on Law and Order… I snuck upstairs to pee on a stick that I was sure would put my heart to rest. Well, something happened when that test was activated. My bathroom turned into the strip in Las Vegas, as the test lite up the bathroom with a big FAT ‘Yep, your pregnant lady’! I composed myself, went downstairs to my poor unsuspecting hubby and said, turn that off we need to talk. He kindly said something to the effect of dude, seriously just let me watch my show. Until I held up the “reason” we needed to talk. His eyes lit up and he was immediately thrilled. I was too, don’t get me wrong, I was just in shock. I had just had a baby, before that a miss carriage and I was still recovering from Noah’s stay in the NICU! I was overwhelmed with so many emotions I just wanted to sit down and catch my breath. This lasted about 5 minutes and then I was on the phone calling everyone on our “nearest/dearest” list sharing our good news! 🙂 I didn’t look back. I was so excited to have this new little life growing inside of me. My water broke at 36 weeks and Collin was born at 7:31 am. He had to stay in the NICU for 5 days, then he came home to meet his brother and Pug.
Nothing about Collin has been predictable. Maybe that will be his Mantra in life? He started rolling, as if on cue when I got out the video camera to film him when he was under 2 weeks old. He sat early, too. When he was 10 months old he broke his arm, while sleeping in his crib one night. This is a crazy story, but I will save it for another time. The broken arm didn’t slow down this little determined monkey for long. He never once let it keep him from doing what he wanted to do. He army crawled in his tiny blue cast.
Now he is a busy little builder who loves dinosaurs, Buzz Lightyear, singing and dancing… just to name a few of his fav’s. He is a joy! I love him more than I could ever say!! Happy Birthday my sweet Collin!! I love you!


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