Hello, my name is Becky and I wear a size 14

Here it is… When I began my “journey to a healthy lifestyle” I was a size 22. I was teetering on size 24 and God grabbed a hold of my heart and led me down a road of self discovery.

This pic was taken on Nov 19, 2006. I had a 2 1/2 year old, a 6 month old, acid reflux, a poor body image and I was broken. I turned 28 the day before this pic was taken and I was no where near the mother or wife I wanted to be. I was limited by my self-loathing and fear pretty much controlled my every move. So, I started counting calories, but MOST importantly I gave a lot of the issues that kept me in that “fatsuit” over to God. I say “most” because I still have a long way to go.
Fast forward to a 61lbs weightloss and a new lease on life. Then I hit a wall, well, almost died acutally. In short I lost January 2008 – about a week ago to a smattering of health problems. Those of you who are new to this blog should check out my entries from last Aug – Sept to catch up.
Anyway, I have gained a little of my weight back, but not even a quarter of what I lost. I am frustrated, but diligent in looking for a way I can work out while still giving my body time to heal. Today I went shopping for jeans. A gig many women hate! I have a newfound appreciation for finding jeans pre kidney surgery. Now I have to hide my muffin top while making sure the waistline of my pants doesn’t rub or put pressure on my still healing incision. GRR! Well, I was convinced I was going to have cave in and get a size 16 or 18, I was SSOOO happy to get 2 new beautiful pair of size 14 jeans, 1 -Gap 1 -Old Navy. I was in a size 12 or 14 when I had surgery. So I am well aware I am still dealing with what I see in the mirror vs what is reality. Someday I will hit my goal and when that day comes, I am having a HUGE PARTAY!! And you are all invited!! WOOT WOOT! (PS I did tremble when I posted my sixes, but I am trying to realize that it is a size NOT my identity!!)


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