Potty Training Update

Well, I have some very good news to report! Collin has had no accidents for 2 days!! This includes naptime and overnight! I am so proud of our little man. The above pics are from yesterday morning when he was trying on Daddy’s big boots. He loves to walk around in them and holds the laces up to help him lift his feet. He is bursting with charm and is continually working on learning new words and phrases. He speaks in complete sentences now, this is great since he didn’t really even start talking until he was about 2 1/2. Now he sings and talks like it’s going out of style. It is so wonderful! One of my favorite things he does happens every time we sit down to a meal or whenever we are praying together. When he prays, he says “Amen, Amen Mommy… and he will go around and say “Amen ???” until he has prayed for everyone. It is so precious. I love my little Collin!


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