My boys

This morning Collin woke up in a rather grumpy mood. The kind of morning where he followed me around whinning and moaning about how hungry he was, but had no intention of giving me enough space to make him a proper breakfast. Oh how I wish I could have thrown some food at him, cereal perhaps, but we are all still recovering so I wanted to make him a more balanced meal. Noah was happily playing with his Lincoln Logs, making his newest cowboy and Indian horse ranch when my pint sized hero came to my rescue. In the sweetest little voice Noah calls out to his brother…
N – “Collin, come look what I built for you!!” (add high pitch inflection for the whole effect).
C – “NO! I want MOM” (GRUMPY!!!!!!!!!!!)
N – “But Collin, it even has a roof. I made it for you. Come here PPPPLLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!”
C – “Alright.” (much calmer)
I hear playing, even laughing.
N – “I really love you a lot brother.”
I can’t resist any longer, I hope not to interrupt their moment, but I just had to look! They were playing with Noah’s cowboys and Lincoln Logs TOGETHER!! I teared up and peacefully finished making breakfast. It is amazing how God can touch the heart of a 3 year old, prodding him to help his mommy and calm his brother. I love the tender moments I share with my boys and hope you enjoy reading them here. My prayer today is to have the ears to hear what God wants from me today as well as the good sense to do as He leads.


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