Terrible Tears from Collin.. What brought them on????

Okay, Aaron is home sick (again!) and we were all in the living room. The boys and I were coloring and Aaron was teetering between awake and asleep. There was a knock at the door, Noah was the first over to investigate. He said, “there is a man on the porch with a shovel”! Collin dropped his crayon and promptly joined his brother. Aaron went to the door and the man asked if we wanted him to shovel our sidewalk. Aaron turned him down and closed the door. Then the drama broke out!!! Collin came over to me, sobbing, reached up to me and climbed on my lap. I told him to calm down and tell me what was wrong. I will close with his response.
“Mommy, he wanted to take my SSSSSSSSSSSSSNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW away!” (More tears.)


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