Happy Halloween

We decided to go trick-or-treating in our neighborhood this year and invite our some of our friends over for dinner and begging.

Here is the line-up:
James ~ Chicken (A MALE CHICKEN!- that’s for Tim.)
Noah ~ Woody. (He wants to wear the chaps, vest, boots and hat everywhere!)
Collin ~ Buzz Lightyear. (Bud-year if you’re Collin.) Notice Collin is already tearing open a box of nerds that he snagged from our candy bowl that were going to pass out.
Peter ~ Thomas the train! OF COURSE!

So cute.

First house. Collin was holding his pumpkin in one hand and the candy she gave him in the other. She was generous and was trying to give him more candy, but he didn’t know what to do. What a dilemma!!

Fill her up!

Peter finally talked Noah into letting him wear his hat and here he is with my dad.
*** note: my dad is NOT in costume. Where do you think Noah gets it?

After we were done, Aaron took the boys over to see Aunt Megan. Here is Collin facing yet another dilemma. How can he eat the yummy cupcake she made him and still keep eating his sucker. Maybe next year he should be a spider so he can have more hands and avoid this issue entirely!

Woody times two! Best Friends.


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