Pondering the prostate gland…

Did the title get your attention??
So yesterday morning I was at my urologist for the… DRUM ROLL PLEASE… removal of my stent. The nurse had applied some kind of numbing agent and left me alone in the room while the medicine worked it’s magic. Well, I was lying on the table in a room covered with posters of anatomical pictures of GIGANTIC male organs. I swear they must be designed for the vision impaired, and can someone please explain why they have to put a face to the whole body picture. I felt like some nice looking gray haired man was staring at me while I tried not to look at his private parts. Anyway, I did some reading about parts of the body the Lord graciously skipped when designing the female body and I learned more about the pants that are designed for the poor unfortunate souls who have to use a colostomy bag or in my case a nephrostomy bag for any length of time. I can tell you, from experience, it is a terrible feeling to walk around with a warm bag of your own urine attached to your leg, and finding clothing to not only fit, but also disguise your “accessory” is no picnic. So hats off to the people who make pants with hidden zippers in the leg. Who knew.
Everything went as planned and I am now free of all artificial parts. I am still sore from the procedure, but soon I will be pain free and all of this will be behind me.
Thank you all for praying and encouraging me as I was going through this time. The lows were really low and the high’s seemed few and far between. I eagerly await my next and Lord willing LAST appt with my urologist on Dec. 12 where we are expecting to say our goodbyes and move on, just in time for Christmas!


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