Conversation with Noah yesterday…
Noah ~ “Mommy, I want you to call your doctor so I can talk to him.”
Mommy ~ ” Why Bug?”
Noah ~ ” I want to tell him to tell you that you can pick me up now.”
Mommy ~ Heartbroken, big hugs!!

I have now been recovering for 4 weeks and I am still unable to lift the boys. When he does ask to be carried or picked up these days I usually jump at the chance because he is 3 1/2 and he just doesn’t need me in that way as much as he used too. So now, when he asks I simply remind him of my big boo boo and that the doctor told me I have to let it heal for a while before I can carry him. I am amazed at how much he is able to understand.

In other news…
Please pray for my sister, Jenny. She is 31 and is dealing with some pretty serious health concerns. She is blacking out, loosing speech and vision. She also has a lymphnoid that has been swollen for 8 months. The doctor suspects her heart or brain. She is undergoing an erray of tests and procedures during the next few weeks and I know she would appreciate your prayer and encouragement.
Thank you.


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