Manic Monday…

Okay, I guess I should have enjoyed the few days of down time after Aaron’s birthday party because here is what happened over the last few days.

Saturday, we were taking a nap when all of a sudden, we heard a GIANT CRASH!!

Yes, our car was hit while sitting in front of our house and our neighbor was trying to parallel park her new Escalade. We reported it to our insurance right away, however she did not. Monday I was trying to figure out what to do. I spent most of the morning calling body shops and trying to figure out why she hadn’t contacted her insurance. I could have gone next door, but I don’t speak any Spanish and she speaks hardly any English. Big problem! So, I decide to drive the car to a local body shop where it is promptly declared undrivable. So I headed into the on site Enterprise Rental car where they were going to get me into a car using my insurance, however, we do not carry rental car coverage on that vehicle so there I sat. My dad is at my house with the kids who are napping, so the man from enterprise gives me a ride home.
Now I must back up. After I had decided to get the car looked at, I went to the basement to do laundry, well when I got down there I found standing water. Not a little water, a lot! More than 150 gallons! And it was still pouring in. Praise the Lord that we have not finished the basement. So, when I got back the water dept came to look at the problem. Our water pipe had erroded and we were responsible for the repair and that we had approx 1 week before our foundation would start to deterriorate and the front yard would flood. So Tuesday, I had 3 men come out to give us estimates. We decided on a company and things went into motion quickly. By 8-ish Wed morning the men were here.

Take a look!

My dad was wonderful through this situation. He practically lived here as we tried to sort through the mess. Thanks!!
The company is Waker plumbing. They are wonderful. Noah brought out one of his dump trucks to show the guys as well as his tool box. They played along and commented on how nice his tools were. They even let the guys touch and sit in the bulldozer. It ended up to be quite a big deal ( big expense too!), but we did spend most of the morning on the front porch watching the show.
Blessings from this…
God is good, faithful and true!
If this would have happened next week, it would have been even more difficult to make sure everything got done.
No one was hurt in the fender bender.
The Lord led us to a great plumber!
The woman who hit me had just gotten her SUV insured a couple of days before the incident!
Maybe a week in the hospital sounds relaxing afterall!:)


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