Birthday Weedend!

Aaron’s 30th birthday weekend was a blast! We had more than 20 people from the Dell side of the family and many of the Tackett side showed up as well. It was fun! Aaron even got to visit with one of his elementary Sunday school teacher’s. It was kind of an “this is your life” experience and he was really touched by the tremendous turn out.
There were 2 big surprises for Aaron this weekend. 1 – two of his cousin’s (Nathan and Solomon) were able to make it from St Louis and he thought they were not coming. 2 – He got a WII! So, Friday evening, he had a guys night and stayed at his brother’s house and they played WII all night. I had a mini sleepover with a couple of the cousin’s too.
Sat it was back to Phil and Rosie’s for the day. I left around 3 with the Noah and Collin, so they could get their much needed naps! Later that night I took the kids to my parents house and we hosted a karaoke night thanks to Ben and Alex bringing their PS2 w/ karaoke games. It was fun and crazily competitive.
Sunday we went to church and then a big family lunch at Olive Garden, afterward the cousins and one brave uncle played frisbee golf and then it was time for more WII.
Monday, we went to Cracker Barrel, had breadfast together and sent most of the out of towner’s on their way. Later, we headed over to my parents house for a Weller family cook-out.
It was a wonderful weekend! We are thoroughly exhausted, however, right now I am blogging and Aaron is playing WII, we probably should be asleep, especially at Aaron’s age! 🙂
Here are a few pics….


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