Conquering the beast…

By beast I mean our home office, aka Aaron’s room. For as long as I can remember this room has been a thorn in my side. As I gear up for what could be nearly 2 months of “rest” I feel as though I am “nesting” in preparation for a new baby. I also found out that mixing caffine with the antibiotic I am on makes the effects of the caffine more intense. That being said, the 2 1/2 cups of coffee I had today have made me crazy and due to the discomfort I feel as I am healing, I have to sit down a lot, so I decided to face the “beast”. I spent the better part of 3 hours sitting at the computer decluttering the desk, bookcase and roll-around drawer thingy that we have in the room. I filed, swept, trashed and compiled a mile-high stack of “need to shred” items. I feel like a weight has been lifted. Aaron even took a bunch of stuff to the attic for me. AHH! WOO-HOO! I have also been busy making lists to help the people who will be helping us.
My plan over the next few weeks is to prepare and freeze enough meals for most of my recovery time. I actually threw together a double batch of my zucchini bread so I feel as though I am getting things in gear. If you have a receipe that you know freezes well, please share it.
Well, now I am going to flip through my cookbooks for some new receipe’s.
(Don’t worry Stephany, I am resting. I promise!!)


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