Becky’s In The Hospital

This is Aaron, trying to explain what is going on with my wife and best friend, Becky. Forgive me if I break some Blog rules. Tuesday night she had severe pain in he right side of her back which wrapped around to her waist. She was doubled over in pain. We decided to go to the E.R. again (we had just been there last Wednesday and they couldn’t find any reason for her pain). At about 1:00 a.m. the Dr. showed me picture (cat-scan) of her kidneys. The kidney on her right side was at least twice the size of the one on her left and the little tube which deposits the blood/waist matter was blocked and ballooned up. They couldn’t see what was blocking it. So as a precaution they kept her at Kettering Hospital until a urologist could see her in the morning asap. I went home at 3:30 and took over watching the kids from Becky’s mom for a couple of hours until Becky’s dad came to relieve me this morning. I then came back and found out from Becky that the urologist did see her and said they need to run a dye through her blood and take another Cat-scan to see more clearly what is blocking this ureter tube and then they will go into surgery to unblock the tube assuming they have an operating room available. She will also need a stint to hold open the ureter at some point. It is unclear at this time if it will be during this surgery or if she will need an additional surgery. We will be here until at least tomorrow. I will try to update as further developments become available. Please pray for my wife, your friend and our kids who miss their mom already. Thank you, Aaron Dell


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