Today, I am thankful. Aaron was kind enough to give me a huge break this morning and afternoon. He took the liberty of iniating a “boys day” and he even let me return to bed and get more sleep. He took the boys to Possum Creek Farm and then to Mcdonald’s for lunch. Oh, he also took the boys to the recycling center (a favorite activity for all of them!) to turn in some cans. Anyway, this gave me time to just rest.
I am still quite ill and I feel far from normal. The pain in my back/side is pretty intense and the nausea is still here. I “got sick” last night, but today, I have yet to do so. THANK THE LORD! I am going to continue to lie low the rest of the weekend. On Tuesday I will go to have a pelvic ultrasound and on Wednesday I will meet with a kidney doc. Please pray that I will be able to rest and not get sick any more.
If you see Aaron, please give him a pat on his back for being so sensitive to my needs! He did all of the grocery shopping (3 stores), bought me flowers, took time off work, cooks and is doing all of the “heavy lifting” with the kiddo’s. I am greatly blessed to have him as a partner in life.


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