okay, the latest…

Yesterday, my doc wanted me to go to the ER to get fluids because I still couldn’t keep anything down. So, after many hours of waiting, we were seen and I received IV fluids, nausea meds and pain meds. They did another ultrasound as well as more blood work and a catscan. The verdict is… A GIANT ?????? The catscan indicated that there I may have had and passed a kidney stone, but because none were currently visible they aren’t sure. So, we left the ER around 1am very tired. I was able to sleep until almost 11 this morning! Thanks Dad for taking the kids.:) And so far today I have been able to eat and drink. Now that the nausea is going away we waiting to see if the back pain is gone too, if not, we are off to another MRI.
Thank you for your many prayers!


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