Sick day(s)…

What is going on??? I am sick YET AGAIN! I am not complaining, but I am at a loss as to what is going on. I was wondering if anyone knows of anyone who is dealing with what I am. It all began yesterday mid-morning. My back started to really hurt and the pain eventually became unbearable. I actually got sick from the pain. This is where I am confused. I don’t know if the pain caused the sickness or the sickness caused the pain. I ended up getting sick 7 or 8 times yesterday and couldn’t keep anything down today either. I went to the doc today and she drew blood and we are waiting for the results. She also gave me an RX for nausea that dissolves on your tongue. It is the stuff they give cancer patients who are dealing with nausea and vomitting while going through treatment. I have only gotten sick 1 time since taking the medicine earlier today. PTL!!! I still feel really sick. Does anyone know of anyone dealing with this “bug”. I have no other symptoms that typically go along with GI stuff nor do have I been running a temp. (And NO I am not pregnant.:) )
In other health news. Once I am over this bug I will be going for another MRI. It seems that my back problems are moving. I am now presenting with back pain accompanied by leg pain just below my ribs. I will keep you posted. I appreciate all of your prayers and support.


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