Virginia Vacation

Thursday morning, we left Ohio for the beautiful state of Virginia to spend some time with Aunt Jenny and see where she lives. Here is a peek into vacation so far…

When we arrived, Aunt Jen gave the boys each their very own bottle of bubbles. Here is Collin in front of her house trying his out.

On Friday evening, Aunt Jen treated us to a local minor league baseball game. It was a first for our boys and they had a blast. There was food, a balloon guy and lots of fun!! (Oh yea, baseball too of course!) At one point I shouted out ” Go Wildcats”, to show Noah that it was a good thing to yell out at a sporting event, but I got a few dirty looks, the home team is called the HILLcats. OOPS! The game ended and everyone was invited to sit in the outfield for the fireworks. Ahh small town USA!

Saturday we explored the creek behind Aunt Jenny’s house. This was another “first” for the boys, they LOVED it! Collin had a hard time getting used to the cold water and the way his feet kind of stuck to the wet mud under the water, but Noah just got right in and explored. On our way back to Jenny’s house we saw a snake, which was a big hit for Noah.

That’s about all for now. We have had a great time exploring local parks and hiking trails too. It has been a great time to enjoy one another and get a little R&R. Tonight we are going to a big event at Liberty University. There will be more vacation related blogging soon, I promise!
Love to all!


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