A tribute to the man of my dreams…

I am a few days late on my Father’s Day post, so here you go…
Aaron is a wonderful father to our boys! I have been impressed with him since day one with the way he has adapted and grown into an amazing father. The latest development in the relationship between this daddy and his boys has been bedtime – no girls allowed. Noah asks me to leave the room before Aaron tells the boys their bedtime story. No matter how tired or worn out Aaron is, he always does this! He always takes time tell the boys a story before bed. I am always impressed with how much he has to give the kids and I after a long day at work. He has never been the kind of guy that needs time to himself when he gets home and he is almost always sensitive to my need to talk to an adult. He always encourages me to reach out to other women and make meaningful connections and he has supported me from day one of our relationship, incedentially 10 years ago today we started dating.:)
Well, hats off to my wonderful hubby!!
I love you!


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