How does it work?????

For the last 3 years (almost), aka Noah’s entire life, he has wanted to see how and why things work. He has always taken things apart… his bed, door’s, books, pillow cases, toys, food… you name it, but this past Sunday was his biggest exploration yet…

You can see the before and after as you look at Collin’s mattress and then at Noah’s springs, padding and cardboard. Yikes!
I think the pictures explain the scenario well.
Praise God for little boys. 🙂 To think I have live almost thirty years and never once wondered what was in one of those tiny mattresses. Now I know.
I will add, that the discipline for this went smoothly. At church we are going to a class on discipline and through this disaster, we were able to sit down with the boys and show them in the Bible what God says about disobedience and then we all prayed together. I really feel like we were in control of the discipline instead of the discipline being in control of us.

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