Facing the pain…

Hello all. I am thankful to report that we have all of our basic needs covered for my procedure this week. I am grateful to everyone who has offered to help. I actually had to turn down extra meals. What a blessing!
As Wednesday approaches and my next injection is almost here I have been dealing with A LOT of unexpected fear. I remember so clearly the pain I felt during this second injection when these were administered before and I am dreading it. I don’t know if it is typical to have such a hard time with the second of the series of injections, but it was my experience and the pain was VERY real. The doc this time is using a different technique that I like much better than the other one, but I still expect this one to be very difficult. I have had a lot of bad dreams and even panic attacks over the past several nights and I think I have only averaged a few hours of sleep a night. Last night, however, I really tried to cast all my cares upon God and guess what… just as He promised HE carried my burden and I quickly drifted off into lala land without any fear or terrifying dreaming. I only woke up when I moved, but even then, I went right back to sleep afterward. Praise the Lord!
Today at church, in our woman’s sunday school class, we are studying a book entitled “The Peacemaking Woman” and our current chapter is all about suffering. I praise God for putting this book in my life at this time. He has a way of meeting all of your needs well before you know you will need something. Then in church we were reminded during the sermon that we are to serve and obey God in the circumstances that He has chosen for us, not only when we get what we want or when things are going well. This is where He wants me to be right now. Who knows the plans God has for my suffering. I know Paul was not having fun when he was LITERALLY in chains for Christ, but he was in chains because it was part of God’s plan for his life. I wish I was better at being obedient to God and just trusting Him to carry me through this! I praise the Lord for my struggle right now and that He is carrying me tightly in His arms and I am thankful that (even if I never know why) nothing He does is outside of His perfect plan for my life! Praise God!
On another note, my sister was here for a day this weekend and a night and we had a nice visit. It was wonderful to see her!


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