Here’s the update…

So I am feeling much better today! I have discovered that even though the oxycodone does relieve some of my pain, it in facts causes problems in other area, let’s just say, I have needed to add fiber pills to my daily schedule. That being said I am trying to survive on no pain meds and 2 days into it I feel okay. My back has been really good the last 2 days and I am encouraged by how much I can now do.
Tomorrow we are having a small birthday party for our family for Noah who will be 3 on the 9th. He requested to invite some of his best buddies from church and weather permitting, all will be able to come. This afternoon, my sister-in-law Megan came over and cleaned the house for me!! Thank you Megan! I also forgot to mention that yummy dinner my friend Erika brought us last Sat. It was a big help!!
Tonight my parents came over and my mom decorated Noah’s birthday cake. I was only able to bake the one of the cakes and I am so sad that I was unable to decorate his birthday cake. I have had a big part in his b-day cake decorating for his 2 previous birthday’s, but I am not able to decorate this year because it involves too much bending and sitting. I am so thankful to have a Mom that is soooo talented in this area and has been gracious enough to teach me so much of what she knows about cake decorating!
Here are some pics of the cake. I will post party pics after tomorrow’s big event!

Love to all!


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