Last night….

Yesterday, during church, I started to experience quite a bit of pain. I was actually unable to remain in the sanctuary. We were supposed to go to Aaron’s brother’s house to celebrate his birthday, but due to my pain I opted for Aaron to drop me off and go to the party without me. Collin was asleep, so Aaron put him in bed and he and Noah went to the party. I was able to sleep for about an hour until Collin woke up. I managed to get Collin downstairs, he walks the steps by himself- thankfully(!!), and he climbed into his highchair for lunch. I was unable to take care of him so I called Aaron and he and Noah came home. Well, once Aaron got Collin cleaned up from lunch, he took the boys to their room and let me sleep off the meds for another two hours. I felt as though things had calmed down and we watched a little tv (yippee for the gift of the Cosby Show from my parents and sister) and Aaron bathed the boys and we both put them to bed. Aaron went to bed about 9:30 (I know, I know… a real party animal!!) and I stayed up to read my Bible and do some stretches. After almost 1 hour of stretching, the pain reduced again and the feeling of spasming subsided. I laid on the floor for a while longer trying to decide if I could in fact make it up the stairs to our bedroom. At around 12 am I made it to bed. I couldn’t help it. I started crying, from the 13 hours of constant pain coupled with exhaustion and sadness that comes along with not being able to take care of that which God has entrusted me with. Aaron woke up and asked me what he could do to help. He ended up rubbing my back for over an hour. We actually talked about a lot of the changes that have become part of our current life and how far we’ve come from the first go-round with my back. He is such and encouragement to me and I am so thankful to have such a loving, caring and selfless husband that daily shows me he loves me.
Prayer needs: I think the first prayer request on my list is that the boys will continue to handle my lack of mobility well. Secondly, that the pain will subside and God will do a miraculous work in my back. Third, that we continue to trust in God through this difficult time.
Thanks for reading and praying!!


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