Here we go again

Some of you know that my back is not feeling so good these days. I went into spasm on Sunday evening after the superbowl for more than an hour. For those of you who have never experienced spasms, I compare them to when I was having contractions when I was going into labor with Collin. Here is an update I posted on my church’s prayer chain. Please pray for our family as it seems that everyone suffer’s when Mommy is not feeling well. Pray also for our parents as they are assisting with childcare for upcoming tests and doc appt’s. Thanks…
Here is the latest information on my back.
I was able to get an appointment with my family doc yesterday. I was prescribed prednisone(an oral steroid) a muscle relaxer and oxicodone. I am scheduled to have an MRI on Tuesday afternoon to see what is actually going on. I have a long history of back problem, as many of you already know, however, this new pain is on the right side of my body which is not my standard. Please pray for clarity as the doctor’s read the results of my upcoming tests. If the results indicate further herniation or increased buldging of the dics, (historically 2 herniated discs and 1 buldging with the added bonus of degenerative disc disease), I will most likely undergo a series of 3 – 4 surgical injections of cortisone (another steroid) in the epidural space along my spine. Although the procedures are painful they have worked in the past and by God’s grace I have been free of spasm from May of 2002 until last Sunday evening. I thank you all so much for you prayers and kind words of support. Please rejoice with us for the proactive support and care of my family doctor and insurance that will allow me to get proper treatment in a quick, seemingly uncomplicated manner.
Becky Dell


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