Big Boy Noah… building blocks and sharing his thoughts about being 2.

Noah is really busy these days. For Christmas MawMaw Dell and Poppey gave the boys a TON of mega block and a bunch of lego’s and they, especially Noah, have not stopped playing with them. I recorded him playing with his blocks the day after Christmas and this video shows where his head is. First, I will give you a little background. Earlier that morning Noah asked me if we were going to go to Poppey’s house again to open more presents. He was so excited at the prospect of opening ANOTHER present that when I shared with him the harsh reality of the end of the Christmas gift season he was both shocked and appauled. I quickly went into Mommy self preservation mode and let him know that in just a couple months he was going to have his birthday and that he would get to open more presents. This immediately changed that giant frown on his poor little face into a beaming smile, however, now I get to field MANY question and random reminders from my almost 3 year old about his upcoming birthday. Well, I hope you enjoy the video!


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